The Prince of Corruption The Prince of Madness

An all-consuming evil demon prince of the Abyss. He was imprisoned a thousand years ago after the First War of Shadow by the first Emperor, Marath, and banished from the Material Plane by a complex ritual performed by the Emperor. The deities of the Imperial Pantheon agreed to seal his prison, but the seals have weakened.

Chief among his servants are the Harbingers, or the Thirteen, mortals who have sold their souls to Malakor in exchange for unparalleled power. They now share their bodies with demon lords. They have lived for a thousand years since their lord’s banishment to the Abyss by Marath and their guises are ever-shifting and they are ever-searching for a way to hurry along Malakor’s return. Fortunately, they are rivals for the Archdemon’s attention and fight each other as often as they fight the Empire.

The Harbingers are:

Below the Thirteen are the Malakin, mortals twisted by the demon prince’s power to become soulless creatures enslaved to his infernal will. They are infernal creatures whose only wish is the destruction of the Empire of Marath. In battle they are fearless and inexorable, wielding weapons forged in the Abyss and demonic magic. The highest among the Malakin are the Exalted and they answer only to the Harbingers.

Many demons of the Abyss also serve Malakor, including balors such as Karashkol, glabrezus, mariliths, and vrocks. These demons fight in Malakor’s army but, as is their chaotic nature, are unreliable allies at best.

Malakor’s mortal servants form the Cult of the Archdemon. These mortals, mostly humans, though cultists can be of any race, worship Malakor and seek to free their dark master from his prison in the Abyss. Their ultimate goal is to release him into the Material Plane so he can wreak his vengeance on the Empire that imprisoned him.

The cultists are not very organized and operate in secret cells that are often unaware of each others’ existence. They are usually led by one who is chosen by the Archdemon, usually somebody touched by one of his dark gifts, and have their own agendas. But they will surrender to Malakor’s Harbingers, who use them as tools for their own goals.

Malakor also has followers in the monstrous races, especially among gnolls, orcs, and ogres. They are usually raiding bands that ravage towns and villages in hopes of the Archdemon’s favor.


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