The Immortal Throne

Defender of the Faith

Guardian of the Seals

Heir of Marath

Atreus Elysion is a scion of the First Emperor, ruler of the Marathi Empire. He has ruled from Dor Parnassus for thirty years and those years have made him a discerning monarch. He has a single son, Marcian, begotten from his marriage to Empress-Consort Merisa.

From the Immortal Throne, the Emperor is the master of Illmere, who holds the kings of the land as his vassals. Every ruler of Illmere has sworn fealty to the Emperor and to provide for the defense of the Empire.

Atreus Elysion was assassinated during an attack by the Demonsons Cult in 1042 IA. The Prefect of the Emperor’s Companions, Benedictus, slew the Emperor while his defenders were distracted by the Demonsons cultists. His son, Marcian, was quickly raised to the Immortal Throne by the High Council, but his grip on power is weak.


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