The Fall of Marath is a paragon-tier campaign set in the Empire of Marath in the land of Illmere. The Empire has been in existence for centuries, ever since the First War of Shadow, founded by the champion of the Nine Kingdoms, Marath. United behind the Immortal Throne in the grand City of Fountains, Dor Parnassus, the Empire has flourished.

But the evil that was sealed away almost a thousand years ago is returning. The archdemon, Malakor, the Demon Prince of Corruption, presses his dark influence upon the land. Tendrils of his evil are beginning to affect reality: the dead are walking, unnatural weather scours the skies, food spoils without warning, and the land itself suffers.

As a paragon-level campaign, the adventures are built for level 11 and up characters. They are heroes of some import in Illmere, depending on the chosen background.

The Fall of Marath

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